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Company EUR-MED Stara Tura was founded in 1992. Since its foundation EUR-MED has focused on the trading activities and maintenance of medical equipment, mainely in the dental field.

After the capital entrance of EUR-MED into Chirana Piestany in the year 1996 and after its rename to Chirana-Dental Piestany, the activity of EUR-MED was enlarged to development and production of dental equipment. The result of the cooperation between constructers, other departments and sellers with long experience in EUR-MED, a new generation of dental unit was created, which is offered in our present time under the commercial mark DIPLOMAT..

Sales and maintenance are provided by our daughter companies, 50 commercial organizations in more than 30 countries, mainely in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Baltic Republics, and in some countries of Asia and the Arab Gulf. After the receipt of the certificate ISO 13485 : 2003 and CE mark for the production of Diplomat-Dental Piestany, EUR-MED expended his sales activities to the European Union.

Besides That, Eur-Med actively cooperates and sell equipment of other well-known manufacturers of medical equipment mainely from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland and the EU.

Eur-Med is always trying, through its proffessional stuff, to reach the highest level of sales and services, proffessional approach to its clients, keeping good trade name by cooperating with stabile and credible partners. The proof of this effort is more than
20 000 sold dental units and lot of satisfied clients in different parts of the world.