DX pro / dx pro blue

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Find out lightweight, perfectly balanced and delivery of smooth power control. DENSIM Brushless Motors are designed for enhanced durability and offers an extended working life.

DX PRO / DX PRO BLUE brushless endodontic micromotor is additionally featured with endodontic functions like auto-revers, auto-forward supported by new Diplomat dental unit electronics.


Technical Data

Speed range

80 - 40 000 rpm


3,5 Ncm


60 W


81 g


ø 21,8 x 44,7 mm

Light intensity DX

40 000 lux

Light intensity DX Blue

60 000 lux



LED Blue Light System counts with an unique system that is able to enhance any material with different fluorescence from the tooth structure, ensuring greater precision in the removal of restorative materials, reducing the occurrence of unnecessary damage to the healthy dental structure.


4 O-rings in DX motors instead of 3 added O-ring close the water exit to avoid water returning back inside to the motor that could possibly contaminate next patient