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Monzum M1

Absorber driers MONZUM are designed for drying pressed air from oil-free compressors for dental units and equipment. Drier with one chamber is used with compressors DK 50 Plus/S/,DK 502V/S/,DUO a DUO-2V

Nominal voltage230V/50Hz
Quantity of dried air120 l/ min./5 bar.
Drying levelAtm. Point moisture -20 °C

Monzun M2

2-chamber drier for using with compressors DK 50 2V/110 l, 2x2V/110 l a Duplex. Possible to install directly on the compressor or on the wall near the compressor.

Nominal voltage230V/50Hz
Quantity of dried air240 l/ min./5 bar.
Drying levelAtm. Point moisture -20 °C