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Well balanced arm provides smooth movement and precise positioning.Wide adjustment range allows for good balance also after auxiliary equipment installation.
If you respect economy and very bright light with a colour temperature of 6000 Kelvins, near sunlight colour, then this Light Source is for you. The 80 Watt diode is rated at 50000 hours.
Monitor stand with adjustable ball-joint can make your treatement visible for your assistant or patient. Result?
Patient education and improved team work with your staff.
Heavy but mobile base with rubberized wheels for firm yet easy movement with breaks for fixing position.



Vision Track

Basic video recording and high - resolution still images for documentation, archive and educational purposes. Customized adaptors for DSLRs and most of compact cameras e.g.SONY, CANON, NIKON with interchangeable lenses available on request.

Inclinable binocular

The binocular inclination angle 195° allows an easy adjustment to the most suitable working position. Crucial ergonomy enhancement.