Diplomat Adept DA270 / DA280
– offers the best to your patients

The Diplomat Adept DA270 (upper instruments hose delivery) and the DA280 (bottom instruments hose delivery) stationary dental units featuring the spittoon-block mounted chair. Two integrated actuating mechanisms allow easy chair repositioning and backrest angle adjustment. Using dentist‘s and assistant‘s elements or foot control you can easily navigate chair motions. Our engineers have also thought about the safety issues: integrated safety elements safeguard chair from collision. Both units can be equipped with a dental monitor upon request.

DA270 Dentist’s element

Five-position dentist’s element with glass or membrane keyboard enables easy navigation and control. An electronic coolant water amount control system, independent for each instrument, can be integrated upon request. It is possible program up to eight customized handpiece settings into the unit.


The ergonomic design of the units allows both the dentist and the assistant to work comfortably in a natural posture and grants easy access to a patient.

Headrest with 3D ball

joint Stainless steel headrest with 3D ball joint enabling 3-axis positioning for an unparalleled comfort even during complex dental treatments.



Diplomat Adept DA270 / DA280

The Diplomat Adept DA270 / DA280 dental units are designed to match the standards of modern ergonomics and provide ample room for natural movement of dentist, assistant and to grant comfortable and smooth patient positioning. Assistant‘s element can be equipped with up to five instruments with an intraoral camera as an ancillary sixth instrument. For offering even more comfort, both units feature arm with electro pneumatic brake system and electronic control of swiveling spittoon bowl.

DA280 Dentist’s element

Dentist’s element features bottom instrumensts hose delivery system 
and integrated Bien-Air instruments. 
Glass keyboard with capacitive touch sensing enables easy navigation and control, and its slim and sleek surface 
can be cleaned with no effort. Pantographic arm can be supplied 
in either standard or shortened version.

Assistant’s element

We offer three versions of the assistant‘s element: adjustable height pantographic arm; standard pivoting arm with three-position holder; basic version with single saliva ejector.

Tilting Armrest

Tilting armrest on the right side and fixed armrest on the left side not only grant additional comfort to your patients, but also improve working comfort and ergonomics even during long treatment sessions.