Diplomat Adept DA170 / DA130 – new generation of stationary units

New versions of the DA130 (bottom instruments hose delivery) and the DA170 (upper instruments hose 
delivery) dental units are spittoon block mounted and allow vertical chair repositioning. The latest technology of chair-repositioning mechanism grants an effective chair positioning and provides and additional working comfort for dentist and assistant. The original Diplomat design provides excellent ergonomics, reliability and will surely meet the requirements of the most demanding professionals. The units come together with programmable chair featuring five programmable positions for two users separately. Both units can be equipped either with fixed or swiveling spittoon bowl upon request.

DA170 Dentist’s element

The dentist’s element with upper instruments hose delivery system 
can be equipped with up to five instruments. The compact electronics allows handpiece arrangement 
according to personal preferences.

Assistant’s element

We offer the following versions of the assistant‘s element: basic version with 
saliva ejector; three-position holder with large and small aspirators and possible 
further integration of multifunctional 
dental syringe.

Treatment Space

The ergonomic design of the 
units allows both the dentist 
and the assistant to work 
comfortably in a natural 
posture, and granting easy 
access to a patient.

Diplomat Adept DA170 / Diplomat Adept DA130

The DA170 and the DA130 are spittoon block mounted dental units, suitable for all fields of dentistry. Both models offer great versatility, excellent technical parameters, easy maintenance and reliability for the attractive price. Smart electronics allows integration of a wide range of accessories, granting a full freedom to tailor the unit to one’s own preferences. The configuration of both units is designed to require minimal space and provide sufficient room for natural movement of dentist, assistant and patient.

DA130 Dentist’s element

Five-position dentist’s element

 allows integration of up to three rotary instruments. Removable stainless 
steel tray table comes 
as a standard option.