Diplomat Adept DA370 / DA380 - maximum comfort, outstanding ergonomics and technical characteristics

The DA370 (upper instruments hose delivery) and the DA380 (bottom instruments hose delivery) 
provide an exceptional comfort for you and your patients either when it comes to a regular preventive check-up or to a complex surgical procedure. Combining refined ergonomics and progressive design, the DA370 and the DA380 units are a perfect synthesis of functionality and comfort.

Dentist’s element DA370

The dental unit is enhanced with the latest technologies available at the dental market: touch screen LCD display, electronic cooling water amount adjustment system, torque adjustment for brushless micromotors and many more.

It is possible program up to ten customized handpiece settings
into the unit.

Exclusive Comport

Having been designed with dentist and patient comfort in mind, the unit’s design provides an extra legroom, and the special “Cradle move” function allows a dentist to position the chair exactly as desired: because we know that keeping a comfortable relaxed posture is very important for both dentist and patient.

Headrest with 3D ball joint

Stainless steel headrest with 3D ball joint enabling 3-axis positioning for an unparalleled comfort even during complex dental treatments.


The Diplomat dental units are made to meet the most demanding requirements of dental professionals and to provide an exceptional working comfort for dentist and assistant.

Diplomat Adept DA370 / DA380

The DA370 / DA 380 are six instruments position stationary dental units. Assistant’s element can be configured with five handpieces. There is also an option of installing an intra-oral camera as an additional sixth instrument. Spittoon block-mounted chair design allows a vertical chair side lift for more comfortable and ergonomic patient positioning during the treatment. Programmable chair allows customizing and saving up to eight custom modes for each user. Unit’s components (upholstery, spittoon bowl, etc.) are available in a wide range of colors giving our clients the opportunity to create a unique interior in their dental office.

Dentist’s element DA380

The arm of a dentist’s element with an integrated electro-pneumatic brake enables easy and smooth repositioning. The arm is available in a standard or shortened variant. Touch screen display with intuitive menu structure allows effortless navigation, control and adjustment of handpieces
and unit’s parameters.

Chair’s “Cradle-Move”

Thanks to the so-called “Cradle move” the optimum ergonomics and comfortable patient’s position can be reached within seconds.


With DA380/DA370 it is possible to fully take advantage of working with X-ray and surgical microscope.

Xenos Dental Light

Diplomat Xenos shadow less LED-Light is specifically designed for modern dentistry.Xenos – LED Dental Light features 2 light intensity modes and full electronic control via either keyboard on a dentist‘s
/assistant‘s /element, 
or a foot controller.

Foot Controllers

Both dental units are fully compatible with the NOK and UNO foot controllers, enabling full electronic control of the unit, chair and handpieces. Both models feature programmable buttons and are available in wired and wireless version.


We offer our new range of Diplomat dental compressors for your
dental practice.